Noel Roast Rushia & Suisei's Small Boobs While Bragging About Her Big Boobs【Hololive | Eng Sub】

Noel can't help herself but roast Rushia and Suisei's small boobs when she pulled their Hololive card.


「Shirogane Noel」
Noel Ch. 白銀ノエル

「Hoshimachi Suisei」
Suisei Channel

【Uruha Rushia】
Rushia Ch. 潤羽るしあ

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About me:
I just started learning Japanese and made this channel out of my hobby of watching VTubers.

To ruin more lives. | Recruit more simps and make VTubers more popular in the English community.

If you decide to watch the stream, please follow these rules to help everyone enjoy the stream better:
・Be nice to other viewers. Don’t spam or troll.
・If you see spam or trolling, don’t respond. Just block, report, and ignore.
・Talk about the stream, but please don’t bring up unrelated topics or have personal conversations.
・Don’t bring up other streamers or streams unless the streamer mentions them.
・Similarly, don’t talk about the streamers in other streamers’ chat.

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