Aespa Karina Performed With Broken Shoes Gains Praise #shorts #aespa #karina #sbsgayodaejun #kpop - Video

Aespa Karina Performed With Broken Shoes Gains Praise
Aespa performed brilliantly at MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2022 with their songs "Illusion" and "Girls". Karina had a wardrobe malfunction during their performance. At the start of their appearance, Karina looked confident in front of the camera. Then, you can see Karina running to the side of the stage outside the camera. Netizens found that the soles of Karina's boots came off. When Karina returned to the stage, it was thought that the problem had been resolved, but apparently not. Karina still performed dazzling and looked like nothing was wrong. Karina performed her choreography professionally even with broken shoes.

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